Insurance/Dental Assistance Programs*
Dental Solutions participates in many dental insurance plans. We are a preferred provider for Delta Dental insurance plans. We are also providers for many other insurance plans offered by employers in the area. By participating and cooperating with your dental assistance plans, we want you to experience freedom to affordable care.

We will gladly discuss any financial concerns you might have. We implement a "No Surprise" policy. You will be informed up front about the cost of your care. In order for us to do that, we may reserve a couple of minutes of your time to go over the financial aspect of your treatment.

For your out-of-pocket expenses we offer the following options:

Pre-Payment Discount
This option allows you to save 5% off of your payment or co-pay. We will discount your payment by 5% if you elect to pay for your treatment before we start. That could add up to considerable amount of money, especially if you do not have any dental assistance plan.

Interest-Free Financing
Dental Solutions offers interest-free financing for up to 18 months. We utilize a Dental Assistance Program called Care Credit. After a little paperwork and approval by the credit company, you will be ready to smile!

Payment Per Procedure
Dental Solutions will accept payment per procedure. We accept major credit Cards, personal checks and cash. If you elect to pay per procedure we will kindly ask for payment at the time of service. In order to keep your cost down, we provide minimal monthly billing. We will give you a statement at the time of service.

We are open to talking about financial arrangements outside of the range specified above. We will take into account financial difficulties of some of our friends and clients. You have our promise to work with you in any way to help you select the best financial option for you.

*Note about dental insurance and dental assistance plans
Dental insurance plans are great. They help to keep your out-of-pocket expenses low. That is not the case all the time however. We will try to explain how the dental assistance program (so called dental insurance) works. Your employer may elect to provide a dental assistance plan for you through one of many insurance companies. As in every business, those insurance companies provide different levels of the assistance programs, ranging from "the basic" one to the "advanced" one. For example, two different employers with the same dental insurance provider will have very different benefits. The majority of dental insurance policies have a so called "maximum allowance" for a year. That is usually in range of $500 – $1500 per year, per person; your assistance program will determine this amount. One of the main differences in medical vs. dental insurances is the name. It is medical insurance, but dental assistance. Many dental assistance plans are rewarding you for exceptional care for your teeth by paying 100% for preventative services such as an exam once or twice a year, X-rays and cleaning. After some deductible amount your visit is usually covered in these instances. Again, the level of coverage is not up to us determine, this arrangement is in between your employer and dental assistance program of your employer choice.

Some of the procedures provided by Dental Solutions may be eligible for submission to your medical insurance. In most cases we will request a copy of your medical insurance card to submit your claim for you to your medical insurance, however we cannot guarantee coverage by your insurance. Your dental assistance program determines which procedures and what percentage they cover. You will find that the coverage ranges between 0% to 100%. In case the insurance company covers 0% of the procedure, they still set up (in many instances) the maximum fee allowed for such procedure to make sure that their customers - you - are not asked to pay an unreasonable price for dental services.

This is a short description how the dental assistance program works. We have tried to describe it as clearly as possible, but if you have any questions, please ask us directly, contact your Human Resources department or your dental insurance company.